[CLOSED] Summer 2020 Research Assistantships

Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 12:00pm
This call is now closed. Thank you for your applications.

Developing Readiness for Online and Remote Scholarship

The College of Liberal Arts seeks proposals from departments that would employ graduate student research assistants to work on projects that will advance readiness and preparation for scholarship and teaching on research methods or creative activity. Note that this program will be housed in LATIS Research and will focus on scholarship and research methods. Projects may take various forms but should address how research methods are transformed, implemented, and taught remotely. See the FAQ below for examples. This program offers a cohort-based development opportunity for research assistants, including training and the opportunity to share the outcomes of their work with other graduate students in the LATIS Graduate Research Readiness workshop at the end of the summer. 


Reviews of proposals will begin Monday May 4, 2020 and will continue on a rolling basis


This program is designed to help the college aid departments in addressing needs around research and learning while also explicitly supporting graduate RAs. The college, via LATIS Research, will oversee students but will seek departmental and faculty supervisory buy-in as necessary. Graduate students can propose a project but they must demonstrate faculty and departmental buy-in where appropriate. 

Departments and faculty will receive:

  • Help from LATIS on the project as well as oversight of, and collaboration with, the RA
  • Funding for the RA
  • Training opportunities for graduate students

Research Assistants will:

  • Receive training in alternate methods of collaboration, research, and course delivery
  • Report and meet regularly with a LATIS supervisor
  • Work collaboratively with other graduate students, faculty advisers, and LATIS staff to plan and complete their projects
  • Meet regularly with the full cohort of graduate students in this program
  • Develop and/or present in workshops at the end of summer to share findings and teach methods to others


LATIS anticipates being able to support six to ten graduate-student Research Assistants at 50% time over the summer of 2020 (20 hours/week over thirteen weeks). Students must be in an academic graduate program in the College of Liberal Arts. 

Selection Criteria

Projects should have clearly defined objectives that advance teaching and/or research practice and methods. Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Demonstrate a potential to broadly benefit the department and the college
  • Demonstrate faculty or staff collaboration with graduate students
  • Enhance the readiness of other graduate students
  • Prepare graduate students and faculty to teach methods courses in alternate formats
  • Fund graduate students with a demonstrated need for summer support

How to apply

Submit a proposal letter to KatieRose Pasek in LATIS at katieros@umn.edu with the following:

  • Description of the proposed project, not to exceed one page
  • Description of potential benefits to department, college, and/or graduate students, not to exceed one page
  • Names of graduate students designated as RAs for the project, as well as faculty and/or staff advisers and collaborators, along with any departmentally-required timelines or structures that may exist for the project, if applicable, not to exceed one page
  • Description of need for graduate students designated as RAs for the project, not to exceed one page



What kinds of projects are appropriate for this call?

A wide range of projects may be appropriate for funding but should have a focus on how research methods are taught remotely or how research methods are done remotely. Potential projects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Preparing syllabus and lessons for remote delivery of research methods courses
  • Developing course assessments for a methods course that can be taken remotely without rigid constraints or oversight
  • Developing and demonstrating discipline-specific scholarly methods and pedagogies in remote settings, sensitive to disciplinary objectives and demonstrating good practice for remote scholarship
  • Adapting labs and hands-on scholarship for collaboration without face-to-face interaction

LATIS seeks to work with a broad range of projects spanning the various disciplines of our College. If you are unsure whether a project is appropriate, please contact us. 

Do projects need to be associated with a specific course?

No. Projects can focus on adapting research and scholarly methods for a single course, to benefit multiple courses, or that are not tied to a specific course.

What limitations are there on graduate student eligibility? 

  • Must be able to work legally in the US
  • Must have completed first year of graduate study
  • Must have support from faculty adviser and/or department
  • Must not be already employed more than 50% time for summer 2020

Can graduate students submit their own proposals? 

We would consider proposals that originate from a graduate student, rather than a department. However, graduate student proposals should have demonstrated support from their department. 

How will these RA positions be supervised?

This RA program will be managed, and the RAs supervised, by LATIS Research.  Faculty advisers are strongly encouraged to be involved in the design and progress of the projects.