Collect/Acquire Data

We support researchers in developing data collection or survey instruments with a variety of programs, tools, and delivery methods.

Research Programming

We can assist with programming and development of data collection tools:
  • Research software, such as z-Tree, PsychoPy, E-Prime, Inquisit, and Qualtrics
  • Custom web- or lab-based applications using Python, Scala, CSS/Javascript, MATLAB, etc.
  • Database design, including schema and query optimization, in mySQL, Postgres, and MSSQL

Survey/Experimental Data Collection

  • Design consultation for sampling and participant recruitment pools 
  • Design consultation for survey questions and formatting 
  • Assistance with survey instrument development (paper and online) 
  • Assistance with online participant recruitment platforms, such as MTurk, CloudResearch, and

Mixed Methods Data Collection

  • Design consultation for interviews, focus groups, and other methodologies
  • Assistance with scraping and API based tools for web and social media data collection

Social and Behavioral Science Laboratory (SBSL)

  • Capacity for up to 36 participants at once in a controlled environment computer lab
  • Managed dissemination of data collection programs and merging of data across computers
  • Support for precision timing/display tasks and real-time group interactions
  • Separate waiting and instruction rooms, privacy carrels around all computers

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