Data Analysis

We assist researchers with data analysis, including:

Preparation of data for analysis 

  • Data cleaning and pre-processing (merging, reshaping, reformatting)
  • Metadata extract from surveys and statistical software
Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods analysis
  • Provide access to shared computing resources and software
  • Train researchers on data analysis tools such as R, SPSS, Stata, ATLAS.ti, NVivo, and Python
  • Consult on experimental design and data analysis strategies
  • Assist with development, parallelization, and debugging of algorithms, computational models, or other research code

See our overview and comparison of Qualitative Analysis Software

Research informatics and visualization

  • Consult on strategies and tools for representing data visually
  • Facilitate use and access to HPC resources available at MSI or national research centers

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Data Analysis Resources

Connect to servers, get access to software
Get help with statistical questions
Learn tools for data analysis