Installing MobaXterm on Windows

MobaXterm is an all-in one program for Windows that integrates a terminal program, an X server, an SSH client and a graphical SFTP client into one package with an easy-to-use interface.  

  1. Download the Home Edition of MobaXterm. Make sure to select the Installer edition rather than the Portable edition.

  2. Click on the downloaded zip file to open it, and then click on the MobaXterm installer msi file to begin the installation.

  3. Once the install has finished, open the MobaXterm app. In the main window, you will see a list of saved sessions in the left-hand column. If you have previously installed and used PuTTY, any saved PuTTY sessions will also be listed.

  4. From here, you will want to start a local terminal and install nano. You can start a local terminal by clicking on the “Start local terminal” button in the MobaXterm main window.


MobaXterm Startup


In the terminal, just type 'apt-get install nano' at the prompt to install the nano package.



MobaXterm Local Terminal