Linux Environment

LATIS's Linux Environment allows access to statistical and fMRI analysis applications as well as providing the powerful and flexible capabilities of Linux-based servers.  Some of the more commonly used applications include Mathematica, R, RStudio, Anaconda, Matlab, Stata SE, SAS, AFNI, and FreeSurfer.  For a list of available servers and software or to request an account please see the Linux Knowledge Articles.

Our current environment consists of a Linux cluster (compute.cla) and several standalone servers.  Each has the same software available and files on our storage are available on each.  Please use compute.cla for your need wherever possible as over time it will replace most of the standalone servers.


We utilize the University's Research Data Storage (RDS) service to provide a secure place to store your research files.  Each user account receives a home directory.  Labs, research projects, and classes receive a dedicated folders for use by your group.  This space is available in the Linux environment and is also accessible by desktop clients by following the instructions available in the Linux Knowledge Articles.

See Linux Storage Options and Limits for more information.

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Linux Knowledge Articles

Articles including how to get access, using applications, and solving common issues.

Linux Maintenance Schedule

Our normal maintenance window for Linux systems is the first Monday of the month from 5:00am to 6:00am. Servers may reboot or be unavailable during this time.  To receive an email reminder of an upcoming maintenance window join the list.